Milan Design Week 2023
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The Salone del Mobile is an annual international furniture fair held in Milan, Italy. It is one of the most important events in the furniture and design industry and attracts exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. The fair showcases the latest furniture designs and trends, as well as other home furnishings, such as lighting, textiles, and decor. In addition to the main exhibition, there are also many other events and exhibitions held around the city of Milan (fuorisalone) during the same period, making it a significant event for the global design community.

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salone del mobile 2023 milano

Every year, recurring themes. Under the macrotheme of ecology, and going “back to the roots” we find the following themes:

1. Nature invasion
Evergrowing wish to connect to nature, elements of the natural world (leaves, stems, trees..) enter the realm of interiors. A  link to biophilia emerges, where design intends to mimic natural systems.

2. Primitive touch  Perceived through craftmanship, use of raw material and organic design. Emerges from a strong desire to leave technology and overconsuption behind, nostalgia and reflection on the “good old days” is prominent. 

3. Moire
Playing with optical ilusions, hat are naturally present in the grain and fibers of wood, translating them into pattens similar to traditional Moiré textiles. Roots itself from observation of landscapes and natural materials. Emphasizes texture and colour.                    

5. Irridescent
Tapping into another dimension, the unattainable. Sabine Marcelis table, mirror from the church deconsacrated, Objects of common interest translucent furniture...

4. Uplifting senses
Design goes beyond touch and sight, exploring taste, smell and sound. Music is greatly implemented in the design experience, emphasizing the “story” or concept of the product. Taste and smell is tackled through creative snacks, or sensory paths, creating a 360 unforgetable experience.   


Every year comes with new discoveries. In this edition, I rediscovered nature and our desire to strengthen our relationship with it, (through craftmanship, use of raw materials), moiré as a means to enhance colour and texture, and last but not least, exploration of design products enhanced by experience through the senses smell, taste, sound and touch.

This is my 5th Salone del Mobile, and it seizes to surprise me. The city is vibrant, you walk around in busy streets with a warm sun and bright colours, textures and furniture showcased around, free drinks, live music, experimental jazz and techno, new design trends, materials, techiniques fresh ways of thinking, exchaning thoughts... Every year is different, but the idea of nature is always represented in some shape or form. 

Until the next salone,