S/S CORMIO fashion week 2023
custom rugs designed by cc-tapis

cc-tapis created 5 unique rugs for CORMIO, an Italian fashion brand, to showcase during the Spring Summer 2023 collection at Milan Fashion Week 2022. The fashion show was set in a "shabby chic" dollhouse in Milan, featuring children, everyday household items, and cc-tapis rugs as decorations. The rugs were designed to evoke the chaotic and diverse nature of a modern family, with everyday objects like scissors, remote controls, teddy bears, and colorful cubes scattered across their surfaces, blurring the line between reality and magical bedtime stories..


All 5 rugs can be put together in a puzzle-like way creating one piece, replicating the family unit as a whole made up by different and unique individuals

S/S  2023  cc-tapis  rugs  for  CORMIO

Some words from Jezabelle:

“When my daughter was born I had no references, I was the first parent in my circle of friends. I was confronted with the fear of losing my former self, surrounded by people who cherished their lifestyle and saw parents as boring people. Then, at some point, I found the irony in this new life, balanced between the desire to cultivate my femininity and the calm chaos that is everyday family living. Jezabelle Cormio

“My moodboard had pictures of little boys in princess costumes, Mary Blair’s illustrations of animals and fairy tales, old Betsey Johnson runways, and delirious Pinterest-mum memes. I wanted to conjure the constant interruptions that I've experienced since my daughter was born and how my adult life has merged with her childhood. Motherhood – and the expectations that come with it – are used against women to limit their freedom.

This shouldn’t be allowed. Families are a natural phenomena. They happen on their own terms, no matter what perverse claim the conservative politicians decide to focus on that week. We’re living in a very strenuous, but eye-opening, era. It’s like everything that once made me angry about a woman’s status in society is finally coming to a boil – right here in Italy, but also in iran, and in the USA(in a very disheartening way).” Jezabelle Cormio

cc-tapis x CORMIO collaboration collection proposal- August 2023

For further collaboration, I proposed a collection based on their monochrome show. Playing an homage to le sarte, celebrating women as “bread-winners” and experimenting with texture through monochrome pieces. Taking inspiration from the 2023 winter looks and current art, design and film (dadybear, Sabine Marcelis, Barbie movie..) I came up with 12 playful rugs that encapsulate CORMIO’s irony and politcal critiques.